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7 Ingredients to Make Your Meals Spcial As An Entrepreneur

As the types of home-cooked meals with the national colors should think about how to expand the supply of spices, which give all dishes their unique character. About the medicinal properties of herbs can talk endlessly, but we’ll talk about how to use them in cooking. In this article, we will do a brief overview of the seasonings, which are used in the recipes of dishes from whole foods.

1. Anise or anise seeds

Aromatic spice, gives dishes a unbelievable flavor and is used for cooking liquors such as the Ouzo, Anicet and Pernod. Chefs use anise in the preparation of pastry and sweet pastry and sprinkled with seeds of anise fruit salad, especially citrus salad, acquires an unusual shade of taste. Try to add to recipes anise fruit pies, sauces, chutneys, dark bread. In Indian cuisine, chefs use anise in the cooking of rice and steamed vegetables or meat.

2. Black pepper

Black pepper for health

The name of this seasoning is quite accurately reflected her taste: sweet pepper has a strong flavor, which resembles the aroma of several spices, including nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. Most often sold ground allspice, but you can buy a whole fruit in the shops selling spices. Soft spicy, sweet taste of ground allspice improves the taste of banana breads, pastries and spicy perfectly suited for recipes with zucchini or pumpkin.

3. Basil

Basil for your health

Fresh basil – the main ingredient in pesto, and especially well with tomato sauce for pasta and a salad of fresh tomatoes (for example, with a classic salad of tomatoes or mozzarella). Dried basil is perfect for soups, marinades and salads, dishes from cereals, bread with herbs and omelettes. It can also be used as an aromatic seasoning to tomato sauce, fresh basil when the hand is not.

4. Bay leaf

Whole dried leaves of laurel wood, are best suited for recipes that require long cooking over low heat – for example, to soups or dishes of stewed meat or fish, where components can absorb the taste and aroma of spices. Warm, slightly tart flavor of bay leaf is great for recipes that include tomatoes, beans, corn and potatoes.

5. Cardamom

These seeds have a unique taste, but it is well suited to both spicy and a sweet dishes. Whole seeds impart flavor dishes from cereals, in particular, to dishes from rice or cereal with fruit and nuts. In the hammer as cardamom is used in the same baking, which is often used allspice – to squash or pumpkin, in pies with potatoes and loaves of batter. It is also used as a condiment for the same vegetables when they are supplied as a garnish.

6. Cinnamon

This is one of the oldest spices, as well as the best known and most widely used. Sweet scented spice, cinnamon – a frequent seasoning mixes ingredient for curry recipes and ingredient many varieties of pastries, including custard for cakes, puddings, cakes, biscuits and fruit tarts. The taste of squash, pumpkins and sweet potatoes, as a filling for pies and side dishes, you can always improve, sprinkle them with a pinch of cinnamon. Whole cinnamon sticks are added to fruit drinks and hot beverages such as hot cider with spices.

7. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the only oil that is not destroyed by high temperatures, which is important in a healthy diet. On it safe to fry, it becomes carcinogenic, and cleanses the body. Coconut oil can be added to hot drinks, coffee, milk and hot chocolate. It is only necessary to stir the drink, as the oil will tend to surface and there are plenty of baking recipes using coconut oil.

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